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Keighley celebrates Apple Day

Cliffe Castle celebrated it’s first Apple Day last year and will again in 2020 but differently due to Covid-19.

As people won’t be able to join together to celebrate the day this year, Bradford Council and local community groups have created Apple Day Party Bags to be given out to 150 local children and will also be celebrating it online via the Cliffe Castle Support Group social media channels on Sunday 1st November.

Cliffe Castle Support Group, Keighley Healthy Living, Redcliffe Orchard, Keighley and Bradford Council’s Neighbourhoods Service have created the bags to celebrate all things appley! Each bag contains everything needed to create an appletastic desert, a recipe card and a fun filled apple activity book.

The recipe was created by Cliffe Castle Support Group Trustee Jane working alongside Keighley Healthy Living nutritional expert Rebeca. It’s a twist on a traditional pudding using eating apples, half of them from the local orchard.

Here’s the recipe for everyone to enjoy and celebrate Apple Day:

Ingredients - serves four

1 dessert apple  

2 level tbsp sultanas

1 level tbsp white sugar

100g pudding rice

6 squares of broken up white chocolate

1/2 level tsp mixed spices

8 level tbsp dried skimmed milk powder


1. Pour in 1 pint of water into a saucepan. Instead of using a measuring jug, you could use a pint glass from your kitchen cupboard.

2. Cut the apple into quarters and remove the core. Then dice the apple (with the skin still on). 

3. Add the diced apple into the saucepan along with the pudding rice, sultanas and sugar.

4. Stir gently, then bring the contents of the saucepan to the boil and simmer gently for 20mins with the lid on.

5. Take off the heat and stir, then let the mixture cool for 5mins.

6.  Add the broken up white chocolate, sprinkle in the mixed spices and dried skimmed milk.

7. Stir thoroughly until all is melted.

8. Pour into 4 dessert dishes and serve either warm or cold.

Bridget La Fauci from Keighley Healthy Living, said: “We’ve been busy working to Covid secure guidelines, with fantastic community support to gather the ingredients and make up the 150 party bags. The bags are being distributed via our network to help families in Holycroft, Worth Valley, Eastwood, Hainworth Wood Community Centre and along with those involved in our healthy holidays and young parents programme. A big thank you must go to Asda and Kellham supermarkets for their kind apple and food donations towards the recipe kits.”

Dan Palmer, Heritage Parks Officer at Bradford Council’s Cliffe Castle, said: “It was important that we kept Apple Day going, last year was fantastic with arts, crafts, games, juicing and even wassailing happening during a very busy day at Cliffe Castle Museum and Park. We understand families are struggling through this difficult time and felt that this was the best way to keep the day going and helping children and families to have fun. Massive thanks to all involved in pulling together to make it happen and watch this space for 2021.” 




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