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Appeal for people to respect Ilkley Bandstand site

The chairman of the Ilkley Bandstand Trust has appealed for people enjoy the area on The Grove in a respectful way.

Chairman Martin Smith said: "We are delighted that the Bandstand has been a comfortable meeting for the Town during the pandemic, however the huge increase in meal cartons, drink containers has been a problem which Bradford have helped in part, with extra bins on the adjacent pavement.

“This has not proved entirely successful and we are discussing with Bradford and Ilkley Town Councils in the provision of three bins on the site, emptied by the Town or Bradford to improve cleanliness of the site. Once we have an understanding we will seek our landlords permission, Abbeyfield retirement Homes for approval.

“We would ask residents of all ages to use the bins or take their rubbish home and respect this private site, it is not a Council site, which we allow public access but not to climb, play football, climb on seats, skateboard for the public's own safety.

“It is hoped that sometime in July we could be having Bands again but that depends on the rule of the day.

“Please respect the site as the Bandstand trust has little funds for repairs.”

The Bandstand was completed in 2001 and the original funding was by public subscription and Abbeyfield's permission to lease the site to the Bandstand Trust on their site next to the Grove.


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